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Make Your YB Diet More Environmental-Friendly!

Our meal boxes are EASILY recyclable! Yummy Bros delivers thousands & thousands of meal boxes every week. As the Yummy Community continues to grow, we’ll be using even more disposable containers, which are made of… PLASTIC!

meal box that is recyclable

The Good News

Our meal boxes are made of 100% Virgin Polyproplylene (PP) plastic, which means they're TOTALLY RECYCLABLE!

We have the BEST customers in town because our Yummy Brothers & Sisters share the same concern as us for Mother Earth. So, here’s 3 simple steps on how you can play a part in recycling those meal boxes we deliver to you every week.

How to Recycle

Step 1

Step 1

Keep the Plastic Bag your Yummy Meals came in.

These are recyclable too and you'll need it in step 2 and 3.

Step 2a

Step 2A

Rinse the Meal Boxes when done eating.

Did you finish your food? Great! Rinse the insides of the meal box and ensure that it's clear of sauce & bits of food. Detergent is not needed!

Step 2b

Step 2B

Seal Lid & Store in Plastic Bag.

Fling the meal box dry & seal with the lid. Then, store in the plastic bag from step 1 and put the whole thing in a dry place. Repeat step 2(A) for subsequent meals until your bag is full.

Step 3

Step 3

Dispose the Meal Boxes into the Blue NEA Recycling Bins.

And, you've played your part!

How It Works

Public waste collectors (PWCs) who are licensed by NEA are required to place these blue recycling bins at all HDB estates, private land properties, and condos / private apartments. It's a government order!

By disposing our meal boxes into these special blue bins, you allow them to be sent to a recycling facility, sorted, and processed into material that can be used for new products! That’s awesome, right!?

On the other hand, throwing our meal boxes into rubbish chutes or disposing them as general waste gives them no chance to reach a recycling facility. By following the 3 steps above, you’re doing something awesome for Mother Earth while enjoying your sustainable and healthy diet from Yummy Bros!

What Happens to the Meal Boxes After Collection?

Recycling Process

All the stuff in the blue bins are collected by the PWCs’ dedicated recycling trucks. These trucks have a recycling logo on their sides and are painted blue so that they’re differentiated from typical refuse trucks. That’s why you shouldn’t throw the meals boxes down the rubbish chute or into general waste bins.

The meal boxes are sent to a recycling facility and put together with other PP-type plastics. They are crushed into smaller pieces and blended to form a mixture that’s of a uniform homogenous quality. This mixture is then melted and passed through a screen to form strands. This process is called extrusion.

After the stands are cooled down, they are cut into lil’ pellets that are actually material that can be used for new products! Your meal boxes have been successfully recycled! How do we know this? Well, just ask NEA, lah!