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The Best Diet is an Strict Enjoyable One

We are people who love the active lifestyle. It doesn't matter if you hit the gym or running track, play a sport or practice yoga. Exercising and keeping fit is a habit we refuse to kick. The body of every active individual is unique. We require a diet that is healthy & personalized to our needs for sustaining our activity, building and repairing our bodies. It also has to be tasty, easy to consume, and one that we enjoy. After all, we're humans and willpower is a limited resource.

Economical mixed rice, yong taufu, and chicken rice at the kopitiam ain't gonna make the cut - We don't run on typical "fuel".

Yummy Bros Co-Founder

Our Philosophy

"A Journey of a Thousand Miles begins with a Single Step Yummy Bros."

Dieting is simple - To lose weight, simply consume lesser calories than you would use on a daily basis. To grow, just consume more than you would expend each day. Regardless of your goal, maintaining a healthy daily protein count (between 1.2-1.7g per kg of bodyweight for active individuals) is important for rebuilding and sustaining your body and muscles.

BUT, we know that it's practically not easy - considering the effort money, time, and willpower needed to sustain this for months.

That's why Yummy Bros focuses on re-inventing Asian dishes that are adored by millions around the world - by making them healthier, customizable and providing more transparency on their nutritional values while keeping them as Yummy as before.

A Plate Of Food With Eggs, Cheese, And Other Ingredients.

The Yummy Bros Mission

To Create Enjoyable Diets for Fitness Enthusiasts, Athletes, & Active People

Why Yummy Bros?

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1. Customisable For Your Dieting Goals & Taste

"Eat for the body you want, not for the body you have. "

We believe that every active individual is different and special. That's why we've created the Yummy Meal Customizer. It allows you to select portion sizes & sources for your proteins, carbs, and fiber.

Macronutrient and caloric facts are also listed on each meal's webpage so that you know what's going into that body of yours!

Thank you Darryl

2. Order in Bulk, Save on Time, Effort, & Delivery Fees

By receiving your weekly meals in a single delivery, you can conveniently store them in your fridge and re-heat whenever you need to eat. Save time and effort from heading out just to buy your meals.

Yummy Meals are prepared fresh – just a few hours before they are delivered to you. We procure ingredients only after orders have been cutoff so that we give you the freshest meats and vegetables.

Meal care instructions are provided to help you store, thaw, and reheat the meals – keeping them fresh for up to 7 days.

When you order multiple meals at one go, we can also help minimize what you spend on delivery!

Food with Tech

3. Indirectly Protect The Environment

Food wastage is a big concern.

At Yummy Bros, we help minimize that problem as our customers place their orders in advance. We also weigh every single ingredient that goes into your meal. Therefore, we know exactly how much of each main and side dish to prepare.

In F&B, food wastage plays a major role in pricing. Therefore, by minimising our wastage, we can share our cost savings with the people who matter to us most – our Yummy Brothers & Sisters.


That's how a healthy diet should be.

We know that dieting is tough. But it shouldn't be that jialat*. Thousands have already joined us in their journey. So, when will you take the first step?

Wishing you the best in fitness & health,

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What our Yummy Army is saying...


My fav so far! Legit bulgogi sauce taste with minced chicken. The minced chicken was not too tough either. Yummy!

Su Xinon Yummy Chicken Bulgogi

A pretty tasty dish, the sauce on the chicken is super yummy and the portion actually is quite filling…

Nadiaon Zesty Chicken