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Our Commitment to Inclusivity & Respect for Diverse Dietary Preferences

At Yummy Bros, we understand the significance of adhering to MUIS halal standards. We highly value the trust placed in us by you, our customers. Therefore, the purpose of this page is to provide the necessary transparency in our approach to halal certification!

Savor the delectable flavors, meticulously crafted with Halal standards in mind, ensuring a delightful culinary experience for all

Yummy Bros is halal-friendly.

What does halal-friendly mean?

In order to cope with increasing orders, we've partnered with TWO commercial kitchens to fulfil our customer's orders. One of them is MUIS halal certified; the other is not.

However, the non-halal certified kitchen uses only meats, ingredients, and condiments that are MUIS halal certified. The kitchen also does not use any pork, lard, or alcohol in their cooking and bans these items from their premises.

Carefully prepared dishes, prioritizing hygiene and committed to Halal standards, ensuring a delightful and conscientious culinary experience.

So, which commercial kitchen will be preparing my order?

We split orders to the two kitchens based on our customer's delivery address. If you order our meal prep for either Doorstep Delivery or Click & Collect pick up in the Central Business District or east of Singapore, you are very likely to receive MUIS halal certified meal prep.

If you need your food prepared by a halal certified kitchen, select Click & Collect at LEVEL. In future, we may add more Click & Collect locations that are prepared by a halal certified kitchen!

To check if you will be receiving halal meal prep from our MUIS halal certified commercial kitchen, enter the first two digits of your delivery postal code below!


Will your meal prep order come from our halal certified kitchen?

Enter the first 2 digits of your delivery postal code to find out!

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Yummy Bros Buffet & Warm Bento Catering are Halal Certified

All of our buffet and warm bento catering services are fulfilled by MUIS halal certified caterers.

Our catering partners are FG Food Industry Pte Ltd and Delizio Catering Pte Ltd.

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