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We Deliver Your Meals Frozen! But, Why?

Sticking to a diet requires discipline. Being disciplined is TOUGH. By storing a week's worth of meals in your freezer, you can re-heat & eat anytime you want!
Our meals can kept frozen for up to 7 days - No preservatives!

Our Delivery Fees

For orders <$30

SGD 9.00

Less than 4 meals
Totally not worth it
Seriously, get more meals...

For orders $30 - $49.99

SGD 6.00

Approx 4-7 meals
$0.85-$1.50 delivery fee / meal
Quite worth it

For orders $50 & above

SGD 3.50

Approx. 7 meals
$0.50 delivery fee per meal
Damn worth it!

Our Delivery Days

Sundays & Mondays

To receive your order on:

  • Sunday, between 7pm-10pm
  • Monday, between 10am-1pm
  • Monday, between 7pm-10pm

Please place your orders by Friday, 6pm.

To receive your order on:

  • Wednesday, between 7pm-10pm
  • Thursday, between 10am-1pm
  • Thursday, between 7pm-10pm

Please place your orders by Tuesday, 6pm.


Any max or min order?

There's no minimum order at all but the more you order, the cheaper our delivery fee - as low as $3.50! There's also no limit to the number of meals you can order from us.

However, please ensure that you have sufficient storage space in your refrigerator. For your reference, the dimensions of our meal boxes are 23cm long, 15cm wide, and 5cm tall!

Sure! We have 30 days worth of advance delivery dates available. Just select your preferred delivery date when checking out your order.

1. Before the Cut-Off Time of Your Selected Delivery Slot:

You can change your delivery slot by logging into your account and navigating to your order history page.

To change your delivery address, contact number, & other recipient details, please email us.

2. After the Cut-Off Time of Your Selected Delivery Slot:

An administration fee of $9 will be chargeable for rescheduling your delivery or changing your delivery address after the cut-off timing of your scheduled delivery. Your delivery can only be rescheduled to time slots within your order's cut-off schedule1. Written confirmation and payment of administration fee has to be made by:

  • 1pm on the day itself to make changes to 7pm-10pm delivery on Mon, Wed, Thu, & Sun.
  • 5pm on the previous day to make changes to 10am-1pm delivery on Mon & Thu.

1 For example, if your order's cut-off date is for the upcoming Wednesday or Thursday delivery time slots, you can only reschedule your delivery to time slots within the upcoming Wednesday or Thursday delivery time slots. The same goes for orders with cut-off timings for the upcoming Sunday and Monday delivery time slots.

For rescheduling of delivery or changing of delivery address after the respective cut-off timing, you may send your request to eat@yummybros.com with proof of PayNow transfer of $9 to UEN 201908642G under Gym Bros Pte. Ltd.

Request for changes to your orders, such as adding or changing items, must be made before THREE hours before the respective order cut-off timing of your scheduled delivery.

The new order total in monetary value has to be higher than before the changes. No refunds or cash vouchers will be created for changes that result in a lower monetary value.

Existing or expired discounts that were applied to the order will not be applied on added items.

We totally understand if you need to step out for a while. If you do, please ensure that:

  • You are contactable during the delivery timeframe, and
  • You leave a large styrofoam box or cooler bag outside of your house.

Our delivery agents will contact you to inform you that they have arrived at your address and will place your order outside your house.

Once you return, please do store your meals into the freezer ASAP.

What our Yummy Army is saying...


Was skeptical at first... but once you heat up the meal, it smeels just like tzer char standard! Taste is pretty legit too.

JTon Yummy Kopi Chicken

Fish is delicious with or without the sauce!

Shaunon Zesty Fish