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Lose Weight with Singapore’s Shiok-est Meal Prep!

A delicious & convenient way to get in shape!

Do you know what’s the key success factor behind all the different weight-loss programmes? It’s being in a calorie deficit for a sustained period of time!

It’s as simple as that! Whether it’s the keto diet, Atkins diet, liquid diet, eat-air diet, or sunlight diet… the cause of weight loss (or lack of it) is the calorie deficit. All you’ve got to manage is how much you eat and move.

Yummy Bros makes the eating part MUCH easier!

Our delicious meal preps are conveniently delivered to your doorstep! Just reheat when it’s meal time. Eat Yummy Bros daily for 1-2 months and enjoy the weight loss journey!

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“What do I order from Yummy Bros?”

First, we’ll figure out how many calories you “use” in a day. Then, we’ll determine how many calories you should “eat” in a day (and per meal) so that you’ll achieve a healthy calorie deficit (Means: Calories “eaten” less than calories “used”)!

It’ll be super-easy to do because we’ve got a calculator! Just answer these questions:

Aiya, seems like we need your input to continue!

At Yummy Bros, we believe that every body is different. Yea, we meant the human body. For us to give you the best weight loss recommendations on our menu, we need your help with the fields above. So, don't be shy! Just enter your inputs, click 'Do Math Magic', and wait for magical stuff to appear!

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