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$1 = 3 YB Reps

Earn As You Spend

As great as our food tastes, dieting can sometimes feel like a drag - like when you're doing a thousand reps. YB Reps are reward points that you earn every time you place an order. You can then use your YB Reps to get a discount on your next order. More reps, less stress!

How It Works

  • Redeem your YB Reps at the checkout page - Just before payment is made
  • Max. Redemption: $5 or 1000 YB Reps
  • Cannot be exchanged for cash
  • YB Reps will expire 3 months after they are earned

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What our Yummy Army is saying...


This is amazing. It is very flavourful. The meat is lean, but still just falls apart very nicely. I had it without carbs, and it was a little too salty but overall it's still really good. So i'll still give it a 5/5.

Melanieon Yummy Beef

The best chicken breast kosong I ever tasted. The seasoning was spot on and ensure it's very tasty! Love this lean meal!

Shaunon Breast Kosong