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Welcome to
Yummy Bros

We believe that a healthy diet should be super simple and can be described with just two words: Controlled & Convenient.

We love keeping things simple because simple is doable. Simple is also enjoyable. The best diet is a sustainable one. If you're not enjoying your diet, how long do you think you can keep up with it?

So, we've created a simple guide to help you eat according to your goals with Yummy Bros.

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Step 1

Satisfy Your Taste Buds

We've created healthy renditions of popular Asian cuisines by controlling the ingredients and portions that go into each dish. Select a main dish that you'll enjoy. Then, simply customise each meal according to your dieting goal below.

Intense Weight LossModerate Weight LossBuild Lean Muscle MassMaintain Your Physique
Main Dish PortionStandardStandardLargeStandard
Carbs PortionNo CarbsSmallSmallStandard
Sides #1Any Veggie
Sides #2Optional

Step 2

Determine the Quantity of Meals

For starters, we recommend consuming 2-3 meals per day.
1 of your meals can be either home-cooked or at your favorite F&B stalls/restaurants and the rest should be from Yummy Bros.

What To Eat
Meal #1: Home-Cooked Meals
or Eat Out
Meal #2:
Meal #3:


Meals from Yummy Bros per week

Let's Talk About Convenience!

Convenience is important because sticking to a diet requires discipline. And, being disciplined is tough.

That's why we'll deliver your entire week's worth of freshly-frozen healthy meals straight to your doorstep. You can store them in the refrigerator and heat them up whenever you need to eat - super accessible!

Once you've determined the quantity of meals you need each week, simply add that number of meals to your cart!

From then on, place your orders once a week and your diet is good to go!

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Store Your Meals For Up to 7 Days

We provide all new customers with 'Meal Care Instructions' that will show you how to store, thaw, and reheat your Yummy Meals!

Dieting Tips

How to Eat Out

Lastly, it's okay to eat out or cook at home for one entire day of the weekend. Please bear in mind these tips when eating out!

  • Consume foods that are higher in protein (chicken, beef, mutton, etc)
  • Go for foods that are lower in calories
  • Opt for standard to reduced portions
  • If possible, ask for lesser oil and sauce
  • Go for whole grains
  • Reduce your sugar intake
  • Avoid processed foods

Step 3

Receive Your Meals

After putting meals into your cart, it's time to place your order! We deliver several times a week.
You'll need to know what a cut-off timing is and when to order before it's too late!

What is a

Cut-Off Timing?

A time where the Yummy Bros team consolidates all orders for specific delivery days and the magic begins! This means the specific delivery days will be closed once the cut-off timing is reached.

To receive your meals on:
  • Sunday, 7pm-10pm,
  • Monday, 10am-1pm,
  • Monday, 7pm-10pm,
Place your order by Friday, 6pm.
To receive your meals on:
  • Wednesday, 7pm-10pm,
  • Thursday, 10am-1pm,
  • Thursday, 7pm-10pm,
Place your order by Tuesday, 6pm.

Now, it is super important to ...

Always Be Contactable During Your Selected Delivery Timeframe

We have awesome delivery partners. They do their very best to maintain the cold chain: Keeping your meals at low temperatures from our -18°C store to your doorstep.

We seek your cooperation with:
  • Ensuring that someone is present to receive your meals,
  • If you live a private estate, informing security to allow our delivery partners to your doorstep,
  • Being contactable during delivery so that we can reach you in case of any difficulty.

Please check that your contact details are correct and delivery address is complete (i.e. building number or name, unit number, lobby, etc) when placing your order.

You Are Very Important.

Our delivery partners are doing their best and they definitely value your cooperation.

Delivery work is hard and delays can be very stressful. With your help, our drivers can avoid speeding (especially in wet weather!)and return home safely to their families. #BeCaring

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You might ask...

"What if no one is around to receive my meals?"

Just give our delivery partners the green light to leave your meals by your door! *

Our delivery partners will contact you once they arrive at your doorstep. As your meals have been freshly frozen, they should be able to last outside for a few hours. But, please store the meals in your refrigerator ASAP!

We recommend leaving a large styrofoam box or cooler bag outside your house so that our delivery partners can place your meals in them. This helps protect your meals from our warm and humid Singapore weather!

*In such cases, we will not liable for any spoilage of our products.

That's It, You're All Set!

Welcome to the Yummy Army!

Remember to place your order for the next week once you've received your meals to stay on track with your diet goals.

To get you started, here's a $5 discount code for you to place your first order with us: YUMMYBROS5

Wishing you the best in fitness & health,

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You might also ask...

"Why do you guys have cut-off timings?"

Well, besides handling thousands of orders, we're also on a mission to minimize food wastage!

We have an administrative process that allows us to calculate the exact amount of ingredients to procure and prepare. Then, our staff prepares all the bentos' labels for your customized meals with nutritional information and 'best consumed' date.

We also use this time to allocate delivery locations to our delivery partners.

It's basically non-stop action from cut-off timing to the moment you receive your meals. For these reasons, we are unable to add, edit, or cancel orders after the cut-off time.

What our Yummy Army is saying...


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Very distinct curry flavour with tender chicken pieces and small quarters of potatoes in it. Superb taste and quality. Greatly recommended, won't disappoint.

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