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Delicious Asian-Inspired Recipes

We've reinvented dishes loved by millions around the world to be healthier & nutritious

Customizable Options & Portions

Pick what fits your nutritional needs and taste preferences. More meat, less carbs, you'll get it!

Delivered Freshly Frozen to You

Conveniently receive your week's meals in a single delivery, store, & re-heat when its time to eat!

Here's Our Menu!

Customizable Meals

Pick a Main Dish below. Then, you'll select your portions & sides!

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Need High Protein Meals?

Yummy Protein Bowls are non-customizable meals with a large serving of protein source, moderate amounts of carbs, and a healthy does of veggies and fiber!

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Supplement Your Meals

Need yummilicious stuff for breakfast, supper, or when your mouth is "itchy"? We've got you covered!

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Be Eco-Friendlier

Introducing Yummy Brotein - Use these 1kg packs to either meal prep at home or take as a delicious protein supplement!

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Awesome Stuff From Our Partners

We LOVE working with brand & businesses who can help bring our Yummy Army closer to their fitness goals!

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Daily & Weekly Meal Planner

Have a daily calorie and macro requirement to meet?
Use our Meal Planner to plan your daily meals for the entire week.

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How to Order from Yummy Bros?

New to the Yummy Army?
Worry not! We've prepared
a simple ordering guide
to help get you onboard!

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How to Care for My Meals?

Never meal prepped before?
Let us show you how to store,
thaw, and re-heat your meals!


Here's What The Yummy Army Is Saying!

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Our Mission


A diet doesn't have to be strict, bland, or boring. It also doesn't have to be expensive or troublesome.

We believe that a healthy diet is one that can be adopted for the long-term and achieves results at the same time. While the diet should help obtain a desired calorie & protein intake goal, it should also taste great and be simple simple to execute - without the hassle of grocery shopping, cooking, washing, ingredient weighing, & receipt hunting.

That's why Yummy Bros focuses on re-inventing Asian dishes that are adored by millions around the world - by making them healthier and providing more transparency on their nutritional values while keeping them as Yummy as before.