Container Pickup Service


An environmental friendly way to help you meal prep!

How It Works: Order a Container Pickup Service (by Wed’s, 6pm) and we’ll come collect (on Fri’s, 9am-12noon) and store your clean, empty, and reusable meal boxes. Then, simply order your weekly meals, as usual, and we’ll have them delivered to you in your planet-saving tupperware!

How to Order: Simply add to your cart, enter your pickup address under the billing address fields, and make payment.



Terms & Conditions

1. Tupperwares/Containers that you provide must be:

a. Microwave-Safe,
b. Freezer-Friendly,
c. Thoroughly washed,
d. At least 20cm by 15cm by 5cm in volume with at least 2 compartments to fit up to 200g of meat with 50g of sauce, 200g of starch-based carbs, and 100g of vegetables (1-compartment containers are acceptable but please refer to 3b below),
e. Stackable for easy storage,
f. Stored in your own reusable bags for transportation (We will use this bag to send your meals to you if it fits),

The reusable bag used for transporting the tupperwares/containers should be labeled with your full name, number of tupperwares/containers, and your mobile number. (Please ensure that the label is secured on the bag and won’t come off easily!)

Do take note that that we will be pasting a small 7cm by 1.7cm sticker on the lids of your tupperware/containers to indicate your meal customization and ‘Best Before’ date.

2. Pickup Booking & Timeframe

a. Between 9am and 12noon on Fridays,
b. If no one is able to be present at the specific pickup address, leave your tupperware/containers outside in an accessible place for our courier agents to pickup. A photo will be taken as evidence and sent to you via Whatsapp,
c. Cut-off time to order the Container Pickup Service is every Wednesday, 6pm.

3. Indemnity

a. Yummy Bros will not be liable for:
i. Food poisoning due to the lack of cleanliness of your tupperware/containers (PLEASE wash them thoroughly!)
ii. Any damages to the tupperware/containers as a result of microwaving or freezing
iii. Any loss or damages to the tupperware/containers that were placed outside your specific pickup address (It’ll be great if you can appoint someone to be present for you.)

b. If you provide us with single compartment tupperware/containers, the meat, carbs, and veggies will be packed together. We will also pour a smaller quantity of sauce over the meats, which might flow onto the carbs and veggies, if any.

c. Any tupperware/container that is smaller than the required dimensions in volume will result in our kitchen crew reducing the weight of food provided, if your tupperware/container is too small to hold the amount of food you ordered via our customization feature. (Especially for large carb and meat portions.)

d. In the event where the number of tupperware/containers provided by you are less than the number of meals you ordered in a separate transaction, the excess will be packed into our disposable meal boxes.

e. Yummy Bros will store your tupperware/containers for a maximum of 20 day from date of pickup. After 20 days, we will donate it to a charitable organization.

f. Yummy Bros reserves the right to refuse any tupperware/containers at the point of pickup if these terms & conditions are not adhered to.

g. Strictly no refunds.



Q: What if I pass you 10 tupperware/containers to pickup but I only order, for example, 6 meals?
A: Not to worry! We will store the remaining 4 tupperware/containers to be used for your next order.

Q: Can I pass you 2 tupperware/containers to be used for one meal? i.e. one tupperware/containers for the meats and another for the carbs and veggies
A: No, only 1 tupperware/container per meal please!

Q: Can I book a pickup service for the future Fridays instead of the coming one?
A: Yes, you may select a pickup date that is up to 1-month in advance.

Q: Can I pass my tupperware/containers to the delivery person who delivered my meals?
A: Unfortunately, no. In order to keep our operations cost-effective and pricing affordable for you, we engage our delivery agents on a per trip basis. When they deliver you your meals, they are booked for a single trip only and have loads of other locations to head to in the evening. They do not return to our central kitchen at the end of the delivery run. Therefore, you have to book a pickup service separately.


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