Black Peppery Beef Brotein

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Did you know that black pepper is high in antioxidants, helps lowers cholesterol, and improves blood sugar control? That’s if we’re talking about natural and whole black pepper, which is what our in-house sauce is made from! Our beef is custom-minced with lean fillets and stir-fried in olive oil to give you a shiok low-fat, high-creatine meal!

78 Cal | 3.2g Fat | 2.8g Carb | 9.5g Protein | 119mg Sodium

  • Comes in freshly frozen 1kg Packs
  • Consume WITHIN 7 days from delivery
  • 1 x Serving Scoop provided per order
  • 5-10 Servings per Pack | 20 Scoops
  • Store in chiller | Do not freeze

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Product Description

What’s Yummy Brotein?

These are 1-kg pouches of minced and cooked meats that come in different yummilicious flavours! Every order of Yummy Brotein comes with a scoop that weighs out approx. 50g of minced meat. You can scoop Yummy Brotein onto your own home-prepped meals, onto plated dishes that can’t meet your protein requires, or even eat it on its own!

It’s kinda like a protein powder supplement except Yummy Brotein uses real food and tastes absolutely yummy!!

Why Yummy Brotein?

Reason #1 – It’s an Environmentally Friendly way to Meal Prep & Adopt a Healthy Diet

Ordering meal prep online uses quite a bit of plastic material. At Yummy Bros, we deliver thousands of meals every week, which means we also use thousands and thousands of plastic meal boxes!

We understand the value of convenience and why one would order our regular meal boxes. They have been painstakingly weighed and packed for you according to your meal customisation options. All you have to do is to pop the whole meal box into a microwave oven and you’re ready to eat!

We’re not asking you to stop ordering our regular meals that come in plastic meal boxes. We’re hoping that it’s feasible for you to replace some of the Yummy Meals that you consume at home with your own meals that are powered by Yummy Brotein!

Here’s how:

  1. Cook your own favourite vegetables and/or carb source, i.e. brown rice, pasta, etc.
  2. Portion the veggies and/or carbs into your own non-disposable meal boxes. (Glassware is great!)
  3. Using the scoop provided, portion desired amounts of Yummy Brotein into each meal.
  4. Store meal boxes in your fridge, bring them to work, heat up, and eat up!

Reason #2- It’s a Delicious Protein Supplement

Did you know that active adults and athletes need at least 1.2-1.7g of protein per kg of bodyweight to sustain their activity and body composition?

You need that much protein to repair and build muscles, which will help you become better and better after each training session! Instead of always consuming dry and processed protein bars or shaking up creamy whey protein powder, Yummy Brotein is a savoury and more natural way for you to get your protein fix!

Use the scoop provided to portion a desirable amount onto a microwave-friendly plate, heat up with either a microwave oven, steamer, or conventional oven, and eat up!

Useful Tip

  • Do not leave Yummy Brotein, veggies, and carbs in room temperature for more than 2 hours.
  • Store your Yummy Brotein and prepared meal boxes in your fridge.
  • Ensure that your fridge is between 0-4°C. Normal fridge chillers are typically between this temperature range. If your fridge is very old, please get them checked!
  • Ensure that your veggies and carbs are fully cooked. Stir-fry is one of the best ways. If you boil your veggies, please make sure you boil them long enough!
  • Be creative! Try different carb sources, veggies, and recipes. The best diet is an enjoyable one. So, go ahead and make things interesting for yourself!


Halal Minced Beef, Ground Black Pepper, Garlic, Oyster Sauce, Dark Soy Sauce, Chicken Broth, Water, Brown Sugar.

    1 review for Black Peppery Beef Brotein

    • Maya Nastasya

      April 29, 2021 at 11:39 am

      5 out of 5

      My favorite Brotein out of all variants! The pepper kicks in your mouth, but not overwhelming. The meat is not fatty.


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