Be a Yummy Affiliate

The Official Yummy Bros Affiliate Programme for Personal Trainers, Nutritionists, & Fitness Professionals

To Help Smash Your Client’s Fitness Goals

“Achieving my fitness goal…”

… is the biggest reason why clients will stick with you. “30% workout 70% diet” is also something that’s common knowledge to all fitness professionals.

But, why is it so difficult to get clients to eat right!?

Imagine this:

Like most fitness professionals, you genuinely want the best for your clients. So, you painstakingly calculate their BMRs, determine daily energy requirements, set calorie intake goals, and suitable macro splits for all their grand fitness goals.

You meticulously educate your clients on why your customized diet plan is great for them. You even recommend healthy ways for them to eat outside or cook at home!

But, what usually happens?

They NEVER stick to the plan and because of a lousy diet, they totally miss their fitness goals!

Here’s the best part: They then ask you with a look of disappointment on their faces, “Why am I not seeing results?”

That’s why the Yummy Bros Affiliate Programme was created

To help Personal Trainers, Nutritionists, & other Fitness Professionals UP the level of their service offerings & create a new income stream through our mealprep solution.


Clients don’t stick to a diet because:

  • Expensive to eat healthily outside
  • Bloody troublesome to cook at home
  • Super annoying to key stuff into food diary apps


With Yummy Bros,

Your clients will have access to a meal prep service that’ll save them loads of time and money! We even have an Official Meal Planner to make it super easy for you to plan your clients’ diets!

Furthermore, you’ll earn 7% commission on every meal that you clients’ order through your affiliate link – even on their subsequent orders!

We move thousands of meals to thousands of repeating customers each week.

So, your Clients are gonna THANK YOU…

… for developing their meal plans with Yummy Bros!


Ready to be a Yummy Affiliate Partner?

Simply prepare a soft copy of your fitness instructor or nutritionist certification and complete the form below. Applications take between 3-5 business days to be processed.

Please upload a soft copy of your Personal Trainer or Nutritionist Certificate in PDF, PNG, or JPEG format (Max 5mb):

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